7 december 2022


Då vi ofta är ute på jobb är det bäst att skicka E-post så svarar vi så snart vi kan!

E-post: info @ recondcar.se

1design1 web design and webserver.

• Award winning Web Design.
• WordPress, databases, real estate.
• Responsive, mobile friendly, google approved.
• Design in English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian using professional translators.
• We include Design, Planning, E-mail, and Advertising to Specification.
• Top placements in search engines.
• Web based Databases for Real estate, Rental, E-Shops.
• Design Adverts, Business cards, Logotypes etc.
• No Monthly fees, No Extras or handle it your self, we will help with Webhost and setup.

1design1 webdesign offer

With designs around our globe we offer a wide selection of multilanguage services. Join us on the road to success like many other businesses have over the last 30 years. 1Design1 provides you and your company with the services needed to establish a creative, appealing, and inexpensive method of presenting your company to potential clients around the world.

  • Based in Europe using only the best tools the market has to offer.
  • Our designs are providing the products and skills necessary to enable organisations to make the very best use of media technologies.
  • Implementing web technology into the corporate environment is about using the right application for the right purpose.
  • 1Design1 have the experience to carry this out and offer supporting internet sites for customers.

1Design1 offer’s a property search software, If you want to display your properties to potential buyers and have access to the internet then we have the complete solution for you.

Our special extras

We handle Domain name registration.
Setup on web host servers.
WordPress with all Plugins and widgets.
Full search engine optimization.
Search engine registration with major search engines.

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